My name is Leslie Rewis, and I am a certified fertility awareness educator.

I teach people how to chart evidence-based fertility signs to achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or monitor their health.

All of my private instruction for charting fertility for avoiding pregnancy is currently in the Billings Ovulation Method. Billings is a cervical mucus and sensation-only method that helps you learn your unique cycle patterns. It can be used to avoid pregnancy, achieve pregnancy, or chart for health with 98-99%+ efficacy with correct use.

If you are having trouble figuring out what kind of fertility awareness method is right for you, I also offer 30 to 60 minute one-time sessions. In these, I cover the differences between the major methods, discuss your individual needs, and provide book suggestions or contact information for instructors.

I am currently accepting clients on an extremely limited basis for individual instruction. Fill out this form and I will contact you.

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I’m located in Arkansas. I’m a college librarian full-time during the week; therefore, most of my instruction is offered on Saturdays in Central Time. You can contact me at with any questions about my services.

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