Client Testimonials

“Leslie introduced me to FAM when she heard I had been researching other forms of birth control after a bad experience with the pill. She changed my life! She was eager to help me learn and always responds fast to my many, many messages. Her material is well written and easy to comprehend. She makes the experience seamless and fun! If you’re on the edge, just dive right in. There is no better person to help you through than Leslie at Chart Your Fertility!”

–Age 26, Taught in 2019

“Leslie is very passionate about women’s health and Fertility Awareness education. She’s put a ton of effort into her teaching materials and working with her is worth it!”

–Fertility Awareness Educator

“Leslie introduced me to FAM after I’d expressed struggling with hormonal birth control for over eight years. She has been with me every step of the journey, helping me interpret my chart when I was confused and has offered awesome resources to help get my cycle on track. I can’t thank her enough!”

–Age 27, Taught in 2019

“Leslie is incredibly knowledgeable and puts a lot of effort into her course and keeps up on all things related. She’s also been available for me when I had questions, which is so important when you just need a set of eyes on your chart. So thankful!”

–Sympto-Thermal Client, Taught in 2019

“It’s been a real privilege to be Leslie’s client through two different fertility awareness method trainings; first the sympto-thermal method NFPTA and now the Billings Ovulation Method, both over 99% effective through perfect use. She’s a wealth of knowledge and has given such an accepting, welcoming take to instruction of methods that are often rooted in strict religious beliefs. Thank you for showing me my power and for giving me sanity back post hormonal birth control.”

–Billings Method Client, Taught in 2020

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Leslie Rewis

Hello! My name is Leslie. I'm from Alabama in the USA. I'm a fertility awareness educator and a body literacy advocate.